Play Snake

If you belong to the pre-smartphone era, when owning a simple Nokia or Samsung phone was considered as a prized possession, you must have played the extremely popular snake game. While there were few other games available to be played on those phones as well, but the popularity snake game enjoyed was unparalleled. Almost every person who owned those phones has played this game at least once. The gameplay was simple; it consisted of a snake, which you had to direct towards its food through your phone’s control. Whenever the snake fed its food, its size increased; thus it becomes challenging to control.

The game received immense popularity when it was launched. Over the time, different versions of the game surfaced with some enhanced features. However, the basic gameplay of this game remained the same i.e. directing the snake towards its food.

You can go down the memory lane of the pre-smartphone era and play that amazing classic game on here. There is no download or installation required; all you got to do is to open our website and you can play the Snake Game to kill your time.

Snake Online Gameplay

There are no twists and turns in the snake game offered by Play Snake. It is classic and absolutely simple to play. You have to control the snake and take it towards its food. There are no changes made to the game strategy; it is exactly the same that was available in the old models of mobile phones. Every time the snake will eat its food, its size will grow longer. The longer the size will grow, the more challenging it will get to feed the snake. The game will be over once the snake hits itself; hence, you had to avoid the snake to hit itself while directing it towards the food.

Mobile & Desktop Availability

One of the best features of the Snake Game from Play Snake is that you won’t have to start your desktop computer in order to play this game. You can also use your smartphones for this purpose to play it online. The classic Snake game is available to be played both on mobile devices and laptop/desktop computers; hence, you can play it whenever you want to, without any difficulty.

Classic Game Controls

The game controls are absolutely easy. Whether you are playing the game on your smartphone or on a desktop computer, you can play it in an easy manner by just using four keys. The controls for both the desktop and smartphone are:

Desktop Computer Game Controls

You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard in order to direct the snake. Apart from the arrow keys, the game can also be controlled with WASD keys; you can press the 'A' key on your keyboard for moving snake to the left and 'D' to move it to the right while 'W' and 'S' keys can be used to move the snake in upward and downward direction respectively. You can hit the spacebar to pause or resume the game.

Smartphone Game Controls

Since there is no keyboard with the smartphones, Play Game provides built-in controls to play classic mobile snake game. When you will open the game in your smartphone’s browser, you will see four control buttons on your screen. Tapping each button will take the snake to a particular direction.

No Installation/Download Required

The games that you play on your smart devices/desktop computers require to be downloaded or installed before you could launch them. Same is not the case with snake game. You can play it online without going through the waiting time or hassles of installation. Moreover, unlike other games, it consumes no space in your system.

Free to Play Game

Play Snake game is absolutely free to play. Unlike other online games, which require you to enter your debit/credit card details in order to purchase the game, snake game can be played online without entering any details.

Game Enhances Focus

An advantage of snake game, which not many people are aware of, is that it can help to enhance your focus. You need to keep a close eye on the snake to direct it towards it food and to save it from hitting itself; it can prove to be a good exercise for the mind.

A Perfect Game to Kill Time

You can play the snake game without any hassles at Play Snake website anywhere and at any time without any difficulty. Whether you are commuting to your school/office or simply resting at home, you can play this game in order to pass your time. The game is suitable to be played by people of all ages; since it is child safe, you can handover your system, without any risk or concern to your child.